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Cara | Maternity

"I literally can't! I was gonna save my favorites, but it's all of them! I feel like this was a bucket list thing I never knew I needed. I can't thank you enough! You're amazing!"


Kayla | Horror

"Oh. My. God. Lauren. I literally just screamed. This is probably my favorite thing I've done."


Kitti | Boudoir

"Holyyy hell dude these are stunning!!! Thank you so much! These are incredible!"


Molly | Wedding

"Thank you!!! We are looking through now and screaming we love them already!"


Emily | Kids Horror

"Oh My GOD! These are INCREDIBLE. Thank you sooooo much!!!"


Erika | Wedding

"Omggggg I love themmmmm!!!! Thank you so much for sharing our day with us! You're an incredible photographer and person all around. I appreciate all you did yesterday from the bottom of my heart!"


Conor | Boudoir

"I cannot explain how comfortable and confident I was with you. I love you bitch. Thanks for helping me find my confidence with doing shoots again."


Katie | Destination Wedding

"Oh my gosh!! I love them! You do such an amazing job!"


Eliza | Horror

"Holy Fuck. I'm just in awe like whaaat?! I just keep staring at these photos thinking 'woah I'm really in this bitch'"


Aly | Cosplay

"I LOVE!!! It turned out so pretty aaaah I don't know which one to post first!"

A Winter Fantasy-Aly Winter Fantasy pt2-0035.jpg

Cara|Styled Shoot

"Lauren does it again! Ya'll even with postpartum , she makes you feel so confident!"


Lyss | Maternity

"DUUUUUDDDEEEEEI can't stop staring at this one. You're a fucking visionary."


Alyssa | Elopement

"I'm in tears. They are perfect. Every bit of it was perfect."



"Okay, so, I have never NOT had a gallery where I've been like 'oh boy why do I look like that?' but I have never felt that way with any photos we've done together. And this one is next level. I'm so in love.

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