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About photo sessions

                                           starting at $400


Your photo session will last for one hour, starting when the first image is taken. It's recommended that you give yourself at least an additional 30 minutes when planning your day, This gives you time for when you arrive to get settled in and prepared.

*additional time can be purchased, please click the add-on button at the bottom of the page*


You are allowed one outfit change if so desired. We recommend that if you decide to do an outfit change that you limit it to an easy swap. Doing dramatic outfit changes results in losing shoot time. When it comes to nudity, if you are someone who desires minimal clothing or none at all, it will depend on the location. Unfortunately, even though bodies are just a part of being a human, we can't go to a family park and have you undress. I know because I've been in trouble for it before, haha! If you have any questions on this subject, please reach out! 

*a prep guide is available to help you prepare for your session, please click the prep guide button at the bottom of the page*


Your session comes with one location. You may move around that space freely if it is a larger location, but keep in mind that your session time does not stop running if you choose to go for a little hike. There are no limitations on where your session can be unless you are literally told no by an owner. I have photographed everywhere from my studio, to malls, to the ocean, to the middle of the street. The world is truly my studio space. 

*an additional location can be purchased, please click the add-on button at the bottom of the page*


New to modeling or this is one of your first sessions? Have no fear! I will not leave you sitting there vulnerable not knowing what to do with your hands. If you need guidance, I will be there every step of the way. Even if you've been doing this for years and run out of ideas, I'm here to help. But like I tell everyone before their session, the more you just take a deep breath, relax, and get out of your head the better of you'll be. I know, sounds a lot easier reading than when you're in front of a camera. And don't be afraid to say you need to do a shot or hit your pen before starting, you certainly wouldn't the first.


You will receive a proofing gallery within 72 hours of your session. There you will be able to choose which photos you would like to have edited for your final gallery. Your session includes 25 edited digital images on a private online gallery. From that gallery, you can download, share, or professionally print your photos.

*additional photos can be purchased, please click the add-on button at the bottom of the page*

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