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What to wear to your session

Some clients come to their session with their chosen outfit on under neath their clothing and some choose to change once they arrive. Regardless of what you choose to do, please be mindful of what you wear to your session. If you wear tight clothing, you run the risk of having imprint lines on your body. Though it can be edited out, it can be a lot of work.


Items to bring that you may not think about

Just like going on a trip, you want to be prepared for everything you're going to encounter during your session. If you book a session in water or  horror session, you will want to bring a towel to dry off or clean up. If your session requires a hike, wear shoes that are good for walking. Though I've had clients hike in heels, it's not the best option. Bringing makeup for potentially needed touchups, hairspray, etc is never a bad idea. Think bout everything that your session will involve and go from there,


Come camera ready

Unless you are booked to have your hair and/or makeup done through me, please come camera ready. Unfortunately , I cannot accommodate to an unprepared client by adding another 30+ minutes while they do their hair or makeup.


Wardrobe assistance 

Wha do I wear? Seems to be one of those questions, just like 'where do you want to eat'. If you're struggling, please feel free to get ahold of me with options you may have. Sometimes a little outside opinion helps, especially from someone who has pretty good insight on what looks good for this and that. I have also had clients ask me to piece together looks just to give you some inspiration. 

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